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December 2019

A grouping of Toad World’s very best information in ways we think will help you most is our December gift to you. This month we posted 12 blogs, accompanied with a new video verse added to each post, in our version of “The 12 Days of … Projects.”  See the entire song/video, lyrics and links to posts, watch/read: 12 blogs wrapped with a bow: Database tools with free trials. The individual posts are listed below.



An introduction to 8 ApexSQL tools


Benchmark Factory

7 Benchmark Factory® tools to speed your DB dev process


SQL Optimizer

9 blogs to help solve your most challenging SQL tuning


Toad Data Modeler

5 essential Toad® Data Modeler videos


Toad Data Point

12 Days of Toad® Data Point


Toad DevOps Toolkit

What is DevOps? 3 blogs for a jump start on our toolkit


Toad Edge

5 blogs that teach you to effectively work in Toad Edge®


Toad for IBM DB2 Tools

3 favorite DB2 blogs: Find, detect and compare [How to]


Toad for Oracle

5 types of posts in the Toad for Oracle® forum


Toad for Oracle SAP Solutions

2 Toad for SAP Solutions videos on database and data


Toad for Oracle–Sensitive Data Protection

5 blogs on sensitive data protection. Start today.


Toad Intelligence Central

Toad® Intelligence Central + 3 blogs = Data collaboration



November 2019

Continuous Integration Tools

Bridging the gap between data management and DevOps

Is data critical to driving tech? What’s a velocity gap? Can we achieve CI/CD? Plus link to the webinar where 3 subject matter experts explore these questions.


What is database DevOps?

DevOps: Understanding the concept, its practices and how to get there. Bonus Oracle OpenWorld interview video, tech brief and more thought leadership links.


Database Management Tools

Moving Your Data to the Cloud? Location Matters—SharePlex can help

Two major challenges on the journey to the cloud are security and performance. Learn how SharePlex and other Quest tools can help you mitigate these challenges.


The rise of NoSQL databases and what the future holds for DBAs

John Pocknell of Quest Software shares his thoughts on what changes we can expect to see in database management for 2020.


Migrating Oracle databases to Amazon Web Services

If you are undertaking an Oracle database migration to AWS from your on-premises data center, ask yourself these time and money savings questions first.


What is structured data and its hold on DBAs about?

Structured or unstructured data? What will fuel data growth? What technology will have the most impact on DBAs? And, see an infographic for answers at a glance.


Toad Data Point

Top 10 most popular Toad® Data Point blogs

Toad Data Point: The 10, all-time most popular  blog posts on Toad World today. Year after year, month after month and even daily—these posts get the most visits.


Toad for Oracle

Toad® for Oracle 13.2 new release: Unit test options

Code Tester vs. utPLSQL: Which tool is best for your experience level? Storing, importing and exporting code. Report and production format. [Comparison.]


What is McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity?

Toad has a code analysis feature that scores and grades code. Get familiar with new terms. Join me as I break down the concepts into simple language.


Toad for SQL Server

Server Compare sets itself apart [Toad for SQL Server]

Learn how to use this powerful feature that allows you to easily compare and synchronize properties between SQL Servers.


Toad products (in general)

Raiders of the “Lost” Toad: Undiscovered Gems

Even if you’re happy with what you already know, there’s more to gain from Toad. Read this new blog series to help direct your path to more “hidden” gems. 


October 2019

Toad Data Point

How to prepare data for machine learning

Data can be the most critical piece of a project, even outweighing your choice of algorithm. What steps should you take to create a quality data set?


Toad DevOps Toolkit

How to compare schemas with Toad® DevOps Toolkit 1.3

Read about the basics and how to get started using the new REST API feature in Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.3.


Toad for Oracle

13 new features in Toad® for Oracle 13.2

Top 13 improvements. At-a-glance format: utPLSQL, sensitive data protection, updated Create/Alter DB object windows and updated Analyze Objects. Toad free trial link.


Top 10 most popular Toad® for Oracle blogs

What’s going on in database management? Toad World Blog Monthly Recap highlights the news, tips and tricks and industry trends from the best and brightest.


Why can’t database ops align with DevOps processes?

Toad evolves to ease challenges presented by DevOps. The new release of Toad for Oracle 13.2 includes a utPLSQL unit test creation module in all Toad editions.


What is a Toad Snapshot and why should I use it?

This blog will tell you how you can take a picture or snapshot of your Oracle database using Toad for Oracle.


5 fitness tips for PL/SQL code

Code testing is like fitness training—you know it’s a good idea, so why don’t you make it happen?  Make functional unit testing part of your regimen.


How to use the Toad® SQL Tracker to troubleshoot issues

Find out what SQL Toad and your other Oracle applications are sending to the database. This is really helpful for troubleshooting a variety of issues.


Toad for Oracle: Ask Toad webcast series – quick lessons in 30 minutes or less.

Session 6: How can I recover from an unplanned transaction?—Ask Toad®

Session 7: Mapping your PL/SQL dependencies—Ask Toad®

All Sessions: Ask Toad: A webcast series for Toad® for Oracle users


Toad for Oracle – Sensitive Data Protection

How to define sensitive data rules and default policies

Sensitive data protection tutorial (Part 1 of 2): defining rules and default policy actions within Toad for Oracle.


How to find and protect sensitive data in your database

Sensitive data protection tutorial (Part 2 of 2): how to use the search feature within your database, apply default policies, and create a recurring task.


Toad for Oracle, Toad SQL Optimizer

SQL in COBOL? Find and tune your SQL wherever it is.

How to proactively scan for SQL that may not be running using the “Scan SQL” feature within Toad SQL Optimizer. [Tutorial]


September 2019

Toad Data Point

Data modeling for the business analyst

Need to be more data driven? With massive data growth and multitudes of different data sources, how can you gain the insights you need to help drive business?


How to optimize Toad DataPoint Workbook

6 ways to optimize Toad Workbook to work with large result sets.


Toad Edge®

7 hacks to use Toad Edge like a boss

Read about 7 hacks to get you up and running on Toad Edge, the next-gen tool set for open source relational database environments.


Toad for IBM DB2

DBA heroics subdue DB2 performance problems

Familiar with other DBMS? Understand the DB2 process model and learn to quickly identify where performance bottlenecks are occurring on the DB2 database or partition.


Toad for Oracle

5 reasons why Toad beats Oracle SQL Developer

Series 1 of 5: Toad for Oracle vs. SQL Oracle. 5 key reasons why a commercial grade software application outperforms a quasi-free tool.


How to save your workspace in Toad for Oracle

Learn how to create a workspace in Toad for Oracle, so you can quickly resume work after restarting Toad.


There’s Something for Everyone at Oracle OpenWorld 2019

Visit Quest at Oracle OpenWorld 2019, Booth 1911, for networking opportunities, cool prizes, and tips on monitoring and managing data.


Toad for Oracle: Ask Toad webcast series—quick lessons in 30 minutes or less.


Session 2: How can you simplify and automate SQL optimization for developers in Toad for Oracle?—Ask Toad


Session 3: How do I reduce risk by automating database changes?—Ask Toad


Session 4: The simple way to convert an Oracle database to a new database—Ask Toad


Session 5: Integrate your version control system with Toad—Ask Toad


Toad for Oracle – Sensitive Data Protection

Amphibian Evolution, GDPR and Sensitive Data Protection

DBAs: Do you know where your private data is? Easily scan all your databases, identify where PII exists and enable your company to protect sensitive data.


August 2019

Toad for Oracle

Quest Software sweeps DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards

Quest Software takes top spots in every single category for the 2019 DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards, winning first in four categories.


Toad for Oracle: Ask Toad webcast series–quick lessons in 30 minutes or less.

Session 1: How Do You Enforce Coding Best Practices in Toad for Oracle?—Ask Toad


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