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The 6th verse of "The 12 Days of Projects" is about Toad® for Oracle-Sensitive Data Protection.

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“Am I keeping customer data safe?”

What is sensitive data protection? What is GDPR? If I’m a U.S.-based company, why do I care about European law? There’s lots of questions you can ask about GDPR and sensitive data protection, but the first question you need to ask is, “Am I keeping customer data safe?”

That’s important. No need to explain why.

Toad for Oracle-Sensitive Data Protection is available in the Toad for Oracle Professional Edition (for a separate license fee) and includes a rules repository of common sensitive data pattern rules so data can be identified. DBAs and Data Controllers can edit existing rules, delete unneeded rules, and add completely new rules using PCRE(PHP) Regular Expression language to enable compliance to GDPR and other regulatory mandates.

The following blogs give you more detail about Toad for Oracle-Sensitive Data Protection. Read about this add-on module, how you can protect sensitive data and even try this product out for free for 30 days.


5 blogs on sensitive data protection. Start today.

Toad for Oracle Sensitive Data Protection Module FAQ: 5 questions and answers about this module.

Amphibian Evolution, GDPR and Sensitive Data Protection: Why would you want to find and protect sensitive data? Is it an easy process? Is there an easier way to find and protect sensitive data? DBAs: Do you know where your private data is? Easily scan all your databases, identify where PII exists and enable your company to protect sensitive data.

How to Activate the New Toad for Oracle Sensitive Data Protection Module: Activating the new Toad for Oracle Sensitive Data Protection Module is easy to do. Just follow the instructions below and you will be up and running in no time!

How to define sensitive data rules and default policies: Sensitive data protection tutorial (Part 1 of 2): defining rules and default policy actions within Toad for Oracle.

How to find and protect sensitive data in your database: Multiple databases? Sensitive data protection tutorial (Part 2 of 2): how to use the search feature within your database, apply default policies, and create a recurring task.


Other useful resources:

Video: Just learning about sensitive data protection? Watch this 2-minute video.

Product page: Visit our product page on to learn how you can find and control sensitive data across all your Oracle databases. 


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