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Our gift to you this season is wrapping up our favorite blogs about a product into a collection, with a song to go with each! Each week in December, stay tuned as we add on to the song and post new verses in our version of “The 12 Days of … Projects.”  Watch the video below.

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The fourth verse of “The 12 Days of Projects” is about Toad® DevOps Toolkit. 

With each new post, hear one more verse of our version of “The 12 Days of … Projects.”  At the end of the month, we’ll post the entire song with a summary and links to our favorite posts. Can you guess which Toad product will be next?

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I selected the following blogs because many people continue to ask, “What is DevOps?”

I selected this collection of blogs to give you product insight to our toolkit. I think they give you a great overview of continuous integration environments, and of the capability and latest advancements in the Toad DevOps Toolkit. 


What is DevOps? 3 blogs for a jump start on our toolkit


Get More Agile: A Toad DevOps Toolkit Primer
Provides an interesting overview as to why Toad DevOps Toolkit is an important addition to your continuous integration environments. It can easily supplement your current workflow whether you’re using Jenkins, Bamboo, Microsoft’s TFS, or many other tools. It also goes into some depth about how code analysis may be automated and increase your team’s code quality.

Using the Toad DevOps Toolkit

This blog post outlines some of the practical uses for Toad DevOps Toolkit and some examples on where it might be integrated into a devops pipeline. Appropriately automating your implementation can save your business both time and money. Toad DevOps Toolkit offers a lot of the same power and flexibility that Toad for Oracle offers but is designed for a DevOps environment.


How to compare schemas with Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.3

This is a more recent blog which demonstrates a significant advancement in Toad DevOps Toolkit 1.3 with the introduction of the REST API. This new API provides a modern, language agnostic approach to interacting with the product. The power and simplicity of the API reduces the learning curve of getting started and provides additional functionality such as external access to remote computers.


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Hopefully this has been a helpful overview Toad DevOps Toolkit. Hopefully these three blog posts will help get you started in your database DevOps experience. For more information, visit our products page to view a product tour, access a datasheet and download a free trial


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