Toad® for Oracle 13.2 was in beta for about a year. During that time, we made lots of improvements! Since today it’s Halloween, and this is Toad 13, I chose 13 improvements to share with you today.

1.  New unit testing built on utPLSQL

A GUI front-end for the popular open source unit testing suite, utPLSQL. Create and run unit tests, and review test results.

Toad for Oracle 13.2 screen shot of GUI ront-end for the popular open source unit testing suite, utPLSQL.

2. Sensitive Data Protection

You can now define default audit, encryption, and redaction policy options, as well as custom user-defined severity categories, to individual sensitive data rules. Once defined, those policies can then be applied to a group of columns by selecting the columns in question and selecting “Apply Default Policies”. This allows you to set up policies on multiple columns at once rather than individually.

Main Menu: View -> Toad Options -> Sensitive Data

Screen shot showing edit tool for the sensitive data rule.

Main Menu: Database -> Report -> Sensitive Data Protection Search

Screen shot showing how to apply default policies to columns identified by Sensitive Data Protection search.

3. Updated Create/Alter DB Object windows

These windows have an updated look. Here’s a screen shot of the new Alter Table window (there are about 40 others!)

Main Menu: Database -> Create -> Table

Screen shot of the new Alter Table window in Toad for Oracle 13.2.

4. Updated Analyze Objects window

Analyze Objects has a new, easy-to-use workflow, and is now supported in the Automation Designer.

Main Menu: Database -> Optimize -> Analyze Objects

Screen shot of Analyze Objects new, easy-to-use workflow that is now supported in the Automation Designer in Toad for Oracle 13.2.

5. Export/Import connections

  • Now includes password (protected by master password)

6. Support/Compliance

  • Windows 10 support
  • Oracle 19c support
  • FIPS compliance

7. XMLType

  • It is no longer necessary to manually include .GetCLOBVal() in your queries with XMLTYPE. This now happens automatically behind the scenes.
  • XMLTYPE data is now editable in the popup editor (just include ROWID in your query).

8. Data Compare window

  • A differences report can now be created (also in Compare Multiple Tables)

9. Export Dataset

  • Now Faster!
  • Enable/disable auto file name (based on table exporting from) by right-click in the “filename” box.
  • Can now specify “where” clause for tables being exported.

10. Team Coding

  • All VCS and Team Coding settings can now be backed up/restored to the server using new toolbar buttons on the Team Coding Configuration window.

11. Code Analysis

  • Several new and updated analysis rules.

12. Sensitive Data Protection

  • Added regular expression rules for common identification names and formats used throughout the European Union.
  • Added an “examples” box and “test” button to the rules window, so you can test rules as you are adding them.
  • Added a “severity” field to the rules window to allow for user-defined rule management and organization.

13. Automation Designer/Task Scheduler

  • New, easy migration of scheduled Toad actions from prior Toad version to 13.2.

That’s it for now.  Toad for Oracle 13.2 is available now in all Toad for Oracle editions.

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    Great blog John! Always really cool to see lots of new features for our loyal Toad fans!

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    Many thanks, John... great summary of what's coming in the new release.

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