was launched in 2006 and hosted the first viral freemium, Toad® for Oracle. Since its inception, Toad World® has evolved into a trusted community where database developers and administrators could not only download free trials, they could ask for advice and share their knowledge. Today, Toad World is a respected community that provides a platform for experts in their field to share knowledge and learn how to be the best at database management. Toad World has a huge international following and 1000s of people visit it every day to get free trial downloads, gain knowledge via our blog and solve problems in our forum.

 Last year, Toad World was carefully updated. As the Toad World staff diligently worked hard to update our community’s look and feel, we also pruned our blog posts, which numbered in the 1000s. Along the way, we noticed there are some blogs that are popular for a short time, some gain popularity over time and others that never go out of style. We wanted to share our discoveries with you.


Below is a compilation of the 10, all-time most popular Toad Data Point blog posts on Toad World today.Year after year, month after month and even daily—these posts get the most visits. Take a look at our list below. You may see posts you’ve visited before or posts that are new to you that pique your interest. Before you get started, get your favorite beverage and maybe a snack…we are pretty sure you’ll find something of interest. Enjoy fellow Toads.

  1. CASE Statement – the IF statement answer in Toad Data Point! (Oracle/SQL Server)

  2. Writing Queries in Toad Data Point

  3. Toad Data Point – The SQL Editor

  4. Working With Date Ranges in Toad Data Point

  5. Toad Data Point Automation Series: #1 – Introduction to Automation

  6. Getting Started with Toad Data Point

  7. Toad Data Point – Query Builder

  8. Comparing Toad to Toad Data Point

  9. Using PostgreSQL Database on Localhost with Toad Data Point

  10. Create and Automate Pivot Grids in Toad Data Point

From the Toad World editorial team, we hope you enjoyed this post and revisited past blogs you learned from, discovered new blogs that were helpful and choose to share this information with your colleagues.

How to get the most out of Toad Data Point

Toad Data Point, is a powerful tool that will help you access and prepare data for faster business insights. Toad Data Point enables business or data analysts to seamlessly access more than 50 data sources—both on premises and in the cloud—and switch between these data sources with near-zero transition times. Users can connect, query and prepare data for faster business insights. 

Whether you are currently a Toad Data Point customer or just getting started with our free 30-day trial, learn more and access the Toad Data Point User Guide.

If you're in a trial and Toad Data Point is helping you access and prepare data for faster business insights, buy it now or contact a sales representative.

Useful resources

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Case study #1: Dell: Enterprise financial group solves data prep challenge.

Case study #2: Opening doors and creating opportunities with data insights.

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