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Our gift to you this season is wrapping up our favorite blogs about a product into a collection, with a song to go with each! Each week in December, stay tuned as we add on to the song and post new verses in our version of "The 12 Days of … Projects."  Watch the video below.

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The 11th verse of "The 12 Days of Projects" is about Toad for Oracle SAP Solutions.

With each new post, hear one more verse of our version of "The 12 Days of … Projects."  At the end of the month, we'll post the entire song with a summary and links to our favorite posts. Can you guess which Toad product will be next?

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Toad for SAP Solutions helps simplify day-to-day tasks by helping DBAs automate repetitive tasks, eliminate performance-tuning difficulties and streamline SQL optimization—so DBAs can focus on higher-priority projects. The following video blogs are my 2 favorite about Toad for Oracle SAP Solutions. Watch them and learn about database mapping and understanding data using this Toad solution.


2 Toad for SAP Solutions videos on database and data

Toad for SAP Solutions – Database Map

Watch this 3-minute tutorial video and see a demonstration on how, with just a few clicks, you are easily able to see the structure of your database. The main value of this feature is being able to see objects in relationships to other objects in your database.  


Toad for SAP Solutions – How to better understand your SAP data

In just under 4 minutes, watch a demonstration of how to use a query builder file to better understand your data. This video is focusing on data. If you want to maintain your database you have to understand your data. With this tool you can understand your data and needs. You can see uniques, duplicates and other specific information based on your data values. With this understanding, you can change the properties of your table/database for better performance.


I hope you learn something new from these Toad for Oracle SAP Solutions videos. 


More useful resources

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