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Introducing AIExplain preview feature in Toad for Oracle

Enhance your efficiency in SQL development with the new Generative AI feature in Toad In the Toad 17.1 Subscription edition, we’ve introduced an exciting new generative AI preview feature that examines your code and provides an explanation of its purpose in natural language. Whether you’re dealing with queries or scripts you didn’t write, tackling complex […]

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Introducing Toad Data Studio Mastering Heterogenous Database Management

Introduction Introducing Toad® Data Studio, your all-in-one solution for simplified, heterogeneous database management in today’s dynamic and diverse business landscape. As more organizations are shifting to the use of multiple platform database environments for the flexibility of specialized functionality, scalability and cost optimization, managing this heterogeneity can often come with its own complex and time-consuming challenges. Toad […]


Automation in Toad Data Studio

Almost all tasks within Toad Data Studio can be automated and scheduled. Utilize these guides to learn how to streamline your regular activities, allowing you to dedicate more time to tackling new challenges! If you have questions regarding this feature or other areas of Toad Data Studio functionality, feel free to use the Toad World forums to […]

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Connections in Toad Data Studio

In this tutorial, you will discover how to establish connections to various data sources within Toad Data Studio. You will see how to work with the Navigation Manager to create, view and manage your connections. Supported data sources include: File Data Sources: CSV file, MS Access and MS Excel Relational Data Sources: Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, […]

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