Having trouble signing into Toad?

When you sign in to Toad products, you’ll gain several benefits and an overall streamlined experience.

Access_new_featuresAccess New Features Immediately

When you sign in, your licenses are validated and you gain immediate access to all purchased capabilities.

Access_new_featuresStay Connected

Sign in every 30 days so your licenses stay validated and comply with your subscription terms.


 One_Licenses_For_More_MachinesUse One License on More Machines

Signing into your Toad account gives you access to all your licenses regardless of the machine you are using.



Manage_Your_LicensesManage Your Licenses

Your license administrator can manage all your Toad licenses and users in one place, including tracking licenses usage, assigning users to licenses, and revoking user access to a license.



Get_Help_AdviceGet Help and Advice

Sign up and get notified about software news and updates. Need any help? Contact our award-winning technical support services.



Keep_Data_SafeKeep Your Data Safe

We are committed to protecting the security of Personal Data. See more information in Quest Privacy Statement.




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Notable Replies

  1. says:

    I want try latest toad for oracle version, when I sign in it gives this error, any idea?
    An error occurred while signing you in.
    your machine is connected to the internet, but an unknown error occurred that prevented your license from being validated successfully.
    Please try signing in again.

  2. says:

    It's an awful user experience.

  3. says:

    Users here getting the same problem. I see no reply was posted

  4. says:

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're facing. We plan to improve this blog for troubleshooting tips. For now, could you please see that attached troubleshooting check list and let us know if it helps. Thanks.
    Troubleshoot SignIn.pdf (76.6 KB)

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