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Toad: Why You Need to Sign In

Oct 23, 2018 12:17:31 PM by Quest Software

When you sign in to Toad products, you'll gain several benefits and an overall streamlined experience.


Having trouble signing into Toad? See our Troubleshooting Tips page.


Access_new_featuresAccess New Features Immediately


When you sign in, your licenses are validated and you gain immediate access to all purchased capabilities.



One_Licenses_For_More_MachinesUse One License on More Machines

Signing into your Toad account gives you access to all your licenses regardless of the machine you are using.



Manage_Your_LicensesManage Your Licenses

Your license administrator can manage all your Toad licenses and users in one place, including tracking licenses usage, assigning users to licenses, and revoking user access to a license.



Get_Help_AdviceGet Help and Advice

Sign up and get notified about software news and updates. Need any help? Contact our award-winning technical support services.



Keep_Data_SafeKeep Your Data Safe

We are committed to protecting the security of Personal Data. See more information in Quest Privacy Statement.




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