Enhance your efficiency in SQL development with the new Generative AI feature in Toad

In the Toad 17.1 Subscription edition, we’ve introduced an exciting new generative AI preview feature that examines your code and provides an explanation of its purpose in natural language.

Whether you’re dealing with queries or scripts you didn’t write, tackling complex ones, or simply can’t recall their purpose, navigating their workings can be challenging. Modifying these scripts to add details, improve logic, or refine outcomes only makes it more difficult. But don’t worry—Toad’s AIExplain is here to help! AIExplain can analyze your queries, scripts, and select objects, providing clear explanations in plain language to guide you through the intricacies effortlessly.

Look for AIExplain () on the:
SQL Editor toolbar
Schema Browser:
Source tab toolbar for object types: Procedures, Packages, and Functions
Script tab toolbar for Views
Right-click context menu for object types: Procedures, Packages, Functions and Views

We invite you to use the preview feature for free and provide feedback by using the feature feedback options to help us continue improving it!

Don’t see the AIEXplain icon? Verify your Toad edition by going to Help | About. This feature is available only in Toad of Oracle Subscription editions. Additionally, ensure you reset your Editor toolbar settings to default by right-clicking on the Editor toolbar and selecting the Restore toolbar defaults option.

How to request for AIExplain preview feature? Check with your license administrator for an email notification regarding feature activation or contact us directly at ToadBetaTeam@groups.quest.com.