Last Fall, Quest Software® launched its newest release of Toad® for Oracle 13.2. While there were many improvements to cheer about (read, 13 new features in Toad® for Oracle 13.2), our customers are most curious about the value added benefits of the PL/SQL unit testing capability, that was added to every edition of Toad for Oracle 13.2.

This powerful capability helps you deploy high-quality code and save time. PL/SQL unit testing is your answer to taking steps to be future ready to provide continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD).

In December we hosted a live webcast, demo and question/answer session. In case you missed our live December webcast, you can watch the on-demand webcast at your convenience. In this webcast you’ll learn how Toad helps you quickly, easily and proactively improve the quality of code entering your CI/CD pipeline.

Watch a live demo and see how to:

  • Create PL/SQL unit tests
  • Use Toad’s Create Unit Test window
  • Create tests from PL/SQL execution results
  • Create and modify tests in Toad’s Editor
  • Run unit tests
  • Use Toad’s Unit Test Manager window
  • Generate reports

We also presented a demo of utPLSQL in the CI/CD pipeline using Bamboo. You’ll see how easily unit testing can be integrated into the software development lifecycle. We’ll point out key details, run the pipeline and show how test results are consumed as part of the pipeline summary.

Watch Now!


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