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Married to my beautiful wife Tracy and our 6 children living in Southern California! Passionate about my 2 favorite teams; Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Angels! I enjoy mountain biking and deep sea fishing when I'm not coaching my son's Little League team on the weekends. Find me on:

Michael Micalizzi

Toad for SQL Server

That’s how a lot of my conversations begin when I talk to people about Toad for SQL ... Keep reading >
Posted on Sep 16, 2016 7:34:00 AM by Michael Micalizzi
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Toad Data Modeler

Recently there has been a lot of uncertainty and changes happening in the Data ... Keep reading >
Posted on Mar 22, 2016 7:36:24 PM by Michael Micalizzi
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Toad Data Point

We are pleased to announce the release of Toad Data Point v3.7. This new version is ... Keep reading >