That’s how a lot of my conversations begin when I talk to people about Toad for SQL Server.  Most database pros understand why we have Toad solutions for databases like Oracle, DB2 and SAP.  However, when it comes to SQL Server, Microsoft has a good reputation for its native tool SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).  Compared to other vendor’s native tools, SSMS is generally regarded as an easy to use and full featured database management tool.  So who would need a tool like Toad to help manage their SQL Server environments?

Well I typically find there are two categories of people who need Toad for SQL Server. The first category are developers and DBAs who already use Toad on some other database platform such as DB2 or Oracle and are now being asked to support SQL Server.  Because Toad has an easy to use GUI and consistent workflows across multiple database platforms, Toad makes it is easy to support databases from multiple vendors.  In fact, in a recent survey we found that 70% of DBAs are supporting databases from at least two different database vendors and 7% of respondents are managing databases from at least 5 or more vendors.  Toad enables organizations seamlessly to adopt new database technologies as requirements demand without having to learn and support all new tools from the various platform providers.

The second category are existing SSMS users who need to improve their productivity beyond what SSMS can provide.  Toad is all about productivity and has many features which complement and enhance the value of SSMS.  Let’s take a look at some of these features now.


SSMS Plugin

Toad for SQL Server integrates with SSMS via our plugin so you can leverage Toad’s productivity without ever leaving SSMS.  


Log Reader

Toad’s Log Reader allows you to view transactions in the log.  This allows users to roll back individual transactions without having to restore a backup.


Compare and synchronize

Toad gives users the ability to compare differences in data, schemas and configuration of servers and generate the synchronization scripts.


Compare and Synch Data

Compare and synchronize large data volumes quickly and easily.


Compare and Synch – Schema

Compare and synchronize schema or event configuration.


Server Compare

Quickly compare and synchronize server configuration.


Group Execute

Save time by running scripts across multiple databases and instances all at once.


Optimize SQL for improved application performance

SQL Optimizer conducts performance tuning with automated SQL scan, optimization, index optimization and performance benchmarking.

  • Automated tuning of SQL Statements and index options
  • Saves hours of tuning required to optimize your SQL Server Database
  • Optimize Third Party applications

Code Snippets and SQL Recall

Leverage the code snippet library to save time of frequently used tasks.  SQL Recall will track all SQL statements executed in your Toad session for reuse at any time.  Toad allows you to name and save your favorite, most frequently used SQL statements for even more convenience.


Automation and Scheduling

Save time and improve productivity by automating and scheduling frequent and redundant tasks so you can be more proactive.

Advance automation capability including the ability to automate data and schema compare.


Integration with Toad World

Toad World is an educational community of database professionals.  Ask questions and get answers for database experts, learn new tech and improve your skills and download best-in-class database tools.

Toad World home page, visit us at

These are just a few examples of the specific functionality that Toad adds to SSMS.  I hope I have demonstrated how Toad compliments and adds value to SSMS.  If you would like to see for yourself how Toad can make you more productive in SSMS, I invite you to download a free 30 day trial copy of Toad for SQL Server today.  

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Got questions?

If you have any questions, please post questions to the Toad for SQL Server forum on Toad World.


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