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Damir Vadas

Work with Oracle technology more than 16 years. I start as a PL/SQL and Delphi developer and very soon transformed into Oracle DBA. Several years enjoyed to work as Oracle APPS DBA, where have meet very nice PL/SQL technology solutions from Oracle.

Also, for fun start to play with Apex in early days, and developed the most valuable site in Croatia (, former in Apex 2.2. This site is repository of all Croatian's stocks, so security and performance is something that was very important. Site works smoothly from 2006 with upgrading to current 4.x release (beside some functional upgrades-not done by me).

Mine love with Apex last until today and find this tool very handy for many complex problems and projects today.

Current work is Application DBA for AMDOCS systems in one big telecom operator. Totally different approach with big and respective system. And keeping it's performance is really nice experience for me. Enjoy it.

My interesting work was as DBA on Oracle RMS, very unique and sensitive Oracle technology, which shows me where Oracle is streaming today. This activity help me understand very big project problems and how to solve that in everyday praxis.

Also in last years work as Toad for Oracle teacher, where practice with great success in 1/2 days Oracle for Toad training. Program includes separate training for developers and DBA. Here I saw real need of real users, what is really great and precious experience.

Mine blog helps me to express what really excite me a important but also to make something as proper documentation for easier solve when meet with similar problem in the future.

In all of those years, Toad was one of mine main tools and in last 5 years certainly most important one. For the end I'll accent that Toad help me to be a better DBA-but as always right tools is not enough to get success but to make easy a path to it.


Damir Vadas


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