Why can't I customize my toolbar? The "Customize" item on the Tools menu is grayed out, and when I right-click over the toolbar, there is no "Customize" menu item like there used to be.

(Scroll down for details on older versions.)

To customize the toolbar or menu

  1. Right click the toolbar or menu and select Customize.
  2. Change the toolbar or menu.

    If you want to… Complete the following:

    Change the order of commands

    Drag the item on the toolbar/menu to where you want it. An I-bar pointer marks where the command will be dropped.

    Add commands

    Complete the following:

    1. Select the Commands tab in the Customize window.
    2. Drag the command from the Commands field to the toolbar/menu. An I-bar pointer marks where the command will be dropped.

    Rename the toolbar, menu, or command

    Complete the following:

    1. Right-click the icon or text on the item you want to change.
    2. Enter the new name in the Name field. If you want to define a hotkey, include an ampersand (&) before the letter you want to assign as the hotkey.

      Note: These are not the same as Toad shortcut keys, but rather the underlined letter for keyboard navigation.

    Remove a command or menu

    Right-click the item and select Delete.

    Tip: You can create sub-menus by dragging a new menu into an existing one. See “Create New Toolbars and Menus” in Toad’s online Help.

  3. To have Toad menus configure themselves, select Menus show recently used commands first on the Options tab.

    If you select this option, Toad collects usage data on the commands you use most often. Menus personalize themselves to your work habits, moving the most used commands closer to the top of the list, and hiding commands that you use rarely.

  4. To lock the toolbars, right-click a toolbar and select Lock Toolbars.

Regarding older versions, Toad 7.4 and up ships with several pre-customized toolbars that may not be customized. To enable customization of toolbars, go to Options→Toolbars and choose "User default" or press "Add" to create a new, customizable toolbar based on one of the existing ones.

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