We are pleased to announce the 7.0 release of Toad for DB2 which went GA on April 15, 2019.

This Blog highlights many of the new features and enhancement introduced in Toad for DB2 v7.0.


General Enhancements


The manner in which you can view your licenses has changed.  There is now a control in the top right area of our window that you can use to manage your licenses.


If there are any information messages about your licenses, those will appear as you drop down that control – for example:




Custom Connection Strings

Toad now gives you the flexibility when establishing your database connections as you can now specify your own connection strings.  Just choose the ‘Connection string’ option when creating a new connection and then enter your connection string values in the edit box as shown below:



SQL Recall

If you are concerned about leaving around an SQL statements you may have executed within Toad, you can now disable our SQL Recall feature by setting the SQL Recall – Number of statements to display to zero:



Number of Rows to Fetch

Toad now allows you to specify different values for the ‘Number of Rows to initially fetch’ on the data tab and within the SQL Editor\Query Builder. 



For ease of use – we also have a control on the SQL Editor menu that allows you to control the rows to be fetched without leaving the editor.



 Auto highlight selected word

We also extended our SQL Editor features by now allowing you to specify if you want the selected word in the editor highlighted throughout the script.  Below shows that new feature:




LUW Specific Enhancements


Boolean Column support

Toad now supports the Boolean column data type that was introduced in DB2 LUW v11.1.3



Nick names

Nick Names are now supported in Code Completion in the SQL Editor:



LUW Dashboard changes

When connecting to DB2 LUW via a ‘connection string’ we have identified issues with several dashboard widgets that obtain information from DB2 by calling IBM APIs.  So now when you create a dashboard with a ‘connection string’ established DB2 connection, the dashboard widgets will be limited to those that work without interfacing with IBM’s APIs.



z/OS Specific Enhancements

Real Time Statistics

In our Automation feature you can now create z/OS Real-Time Statistics (RTS) Analysis reports that identify objects that are in need of maintenance. 



We also added a Real-Time Statistics widget so you can view RTS information within a DB2 z/OS Dashboard.


Statistics History

We added ‘History’ tabs for z/OS Tables, Indexes and Tablespaces so you can quickly view statistics over time on your objects.


 Access Database Command

To further assist with your administration tasks, you can now generate and execute ACCESS DATABASE commands via a right-click action on Tablespaces.





For complete details on this new Toad for DB2 release view the release notes here.


This release of Toad for DB2 forms part of the Toad for DB2 2019 Edition release and comprises the following products (product enablement depends on which Toad for DB2 editions you have purchased):

  • Toad for DB2 v7.0
  • Benchmark Factory 8.2 – a part of Toad Developer and Toad LUW DBA Editions
  • SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.4 – a part of Toad DB2 LUW Expert Edition and higher
  • SQL Optimizer for DB2 z/OS 5.6 – a part of Toad DB2 z/OS Expert Edition and higher
  • Spotlight on DB2 LUW 6.9 – a part of Toad DB2 LUW DBA Edition
  • Toad Data Modeler 6.5 – a part of Toad LUW DBA Edition


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