Following our decades-long tradition of putting Quest® Toad® for Oracle Freeware user feedback first, we’ve come to a difficult but necessary decision. We need to provide its users, and all single users, with full functionality and support at a low cost.

Toad for Oracle Freeware is sunsetting, get new introductory offer to Toad for Oracle Base subscription.

Quest Toad for Oracle continues to be successful, thanks to our dynamic user community. You’re passionate, vocal and smart. So when you talk, we listen. And we’ve heard a common concern from our Toad for Oracle Freeware users: Toad for Oracle Freeware is too limited, but it’s hard to get purchase approval on a full commercial license.

So what’s the deal?

We’re offering a new way to buy Toad for Oracle Base edition: by yearly subscription. Aimed at Toad for Oracle Freeware users, whether individuals or those in small businesses, you can get a full, one-year, single-seat license of Toad for Oracle Base, including support, for only US$195. That’s US$335 off the regular cost and an extremely low price to get unrestricted functionality, automate your tasks and save hours with the #1 DBA and developer productivity tool.

This is our lowest price ever on Toad for Oracle Base, and it won’t last. This limited-time offer for Toad for Oracle Freeware usersends December 31, 2020.


The best Toad for Oracle discount at the best time

Why should you switch from limited freeware to a new low-priced, full-featured Toad for Oracle Base subscription license now? Well, here’s the part you may not love, but allow us to explain.


Toad for Oracle Freeware is ending.

We know what you’re probably thinking, and we get it. Do we wish we could give away Toad for Oracle licenses indefinitely? Of course! But doing that wouldn’t allow us to fund the R&D that brings millions of DBAs and developers like you the powerful functionality you need to do your job easily and well. Ending limited Toad for Oracle Freeware and instead providing you with far more functionality and support at a low price is best for you and the longevity of the toolset you love.


Remember why you started using Toad for Oracle Freeware in the first place?

It’s packed with many unrivaled, time-saving features. And you’ll get a whole lot more in your new full license, making Toad for Oracle worth the tiny investment. How tiny again? Under US$200 a year.


Don’t miss out – take advantage of our best deal ever, before it’s too late.

We understand ending freeware will be controversial. We also know you understand the importance of funding R&D to continue building innovative Toad for Oracle software, loved by millions of DBAs and developers around the world. We hope you’ll continue to be one of them and that more Toad for Oracle functionality and support at the lowest price ever will help. We appreciate you, and we look forward to continuing to create unrivaled Toad features that make you happy. Hop over to your US$195 Toad for Oracle Base subscription license today. You’ll love how much more you can do with it!  Save Now>


Low introductory price at US$195 for the first year, offers expires December 31, 2020.

With small businesses and single users in mind, we’re offering a new way to buy Toad®by Quest®for Oracle Base: by subscription as a single-seat license. And right now, you can get a huge discount!

Why should you subscribe? You’ll get:

  • A fully featured, fully functioning Toad with access to support
  • A low introductory price – get your first year for only US$195, (The promotion runs through December 31, 2020.)
  • Auto updates, so you’re always on the latest and greatest version
  • Product education announcements
  • Auto renew for your convenience

Snag your one-year license at US$335 off the regular price – before it’s too late.

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