Toad in the cloud? A resounding yes! Quest kicks off its new webinar series, Toad® Talks 2021, with "Why You Should Keep Using Quest® Toad with Oracle Databases in the Cloud."

Toad Talks: Free webinar series, 30-minute interactive seminars on solving business and IT challenges.

Join Toad product experts, Julie Hyman and John Pocknell in this interactive session where you'll learn how to navigate the biggest challenges of using cloud services.

Organizations are increasingly embracing cloud services to help reduce operational costs. However, using cloud database services can often result in overspend and wastage, so it’s even more important to optimize your Oracle database workload performance.

DBAs and developers who are familiar with using Toad for their on-premises Oracle databases may be unsure of how or why they should continue to use Toad with their cloud databases. After all, moving to the cloud shouldn’t require a dramatic shift in the way you use Toad to do your job.

If you've ever wondered if Toad works in the cloud, the answer is a resounding yes! With the guidance in this session, you’ll easily handle Oracle development, SQL tuning, workload performance testing, administration, management and ongoing maintenance – in the cloud.

Our experts will show why it’s even more important to continue using Toad for Oracle with cloud-based Oracle databases to ensure optimal use of cloud resources and keep costs under control. 

They'll discuss the importance of:

  • Choosing the right cloud services for Oracle Database
  • Automating database admin operations in the cloud
  • Database workload performance testing
  • Optimizing SQL execution time to reduce cloud workload footprint

Overspend and wastage are common pitfalls of using cloud services. Whether you’re new to Toad or simply new to using Toad with Oracle databases in the cloud, this Toad Talk will make your transition to cloud services easier and more successful. 

Watch on-demand now:

Why You Should Keep Using Quest® Toad with Oracle Databases in the Cloud

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Watch for future announcements for upcoming Toad Talks 2021 webinars where you'll get personalized tach advice to help you overcome your biggest IT obstacles. In just 30 minutes, these quick discussions will educate you on: 

  • Real-world challenges around cost savings and business value
  • IT transformation projects  
  • Cloud optimization
  • Data operations
  • Data provisioning
  • Data security
  • Performance tuning
  • And more

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