This video demonstrates using the Top Session Finder to track down top sessions in one or more categories, and then using the Session Browser to browse those sessions.

About the Author

Ben Boise

Ben Boise has been with Quest Software since June 2007 working in the PreSales group as a Solutions Architect. Ben has over 12 years in IT and has worn numerous hats during this time. He has experience in Systems Support, Software Testing, Software Development and Professional Services. Ben has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a Concentration in Computer Science from Georgia State University. When not working, Ben enjoys staying physically active through any means possible, including running while mowing the lawn and laughing at himself. Ben's favorite Toad features using are Code Snippets and Code Templates to help ease his pains associated with forgetting the syntax of the to_date function and wowing the audience with yet another "Hello World" example.

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