If you are a member of the Beta testing community and suffer the occasional bout of Access Violation errors then the following is a detailed explanation of how bestto report these problems to the developers. The following information is provide by Brad Boddicker (a fine upstanding beta tester at Quest).

I know the beta testers in this group aren't professional software testers and have work to do.  I'm not asking for a formalized bug report process, rather suggesting a way that might help our developers find/fix bugs more effectively and efficiently, if you have the time.  Below are the steps that I use when I run across errors in Toad, particularly Access Violations and List Index errors.  If you don't have the time to go through the steps, its fine, just send us what you know.  If you do have the time, following these simple steps would help us greatly.

  1. It is important to capture the call stack from the FIRST AV encountered. I copy the call stack right from the Error dialogue when I first see the error. 
    Just click the link

    Check the copy to clipboard box, and OK
    I then paste the call stack right into an e-mail draft.

  2. Stop what you were doing and re-trace your steps.  Type out exactly what you did in the e-mail draft, the previous steps leading up to the error.  Make a note of any other windows you had opened at the time, including docked panels.  Make a note of which connections you had open
  3. Close Toad and reopen.  Often, once you encounter an AV, others will follow as a result of the first error.
  4. Use the information above and try to reproduce the error.  If successful, send us the steps you think we need along with the call stack.  If unsuccessful, send us all the information you have.  Feel free to send a full support bundle to the list with your Toad.ini file attached, the more information, the better.  If you go to help → support bundle, there is a link to e-mail the Toad beta list.


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