When using the debugger in TOAD you are able to set various options, paramters etc in a small anonymous block of PL/SQL. While this is fine for non-web oriented PL/SQL code, it doesn’t work with Web based code written in PL/SQLwhen that code makes calls to the HTP and HTF packages.

However, thanks to Connor MacDonald, a very talented DBA from Perth, Australia, there is a solution, as follows :

Define two variables in the DECLARE part of the block as follows :

vNames  owa.vc_arr;
  vValues owa.vc_arr;

Then add the following code as the first part of the BEGIN – END block.

  vNames(1) := 'REQUEST_PROTOCOL';
  vValues(1)  := 'HTTP';
      num_params => 1,
      param_name => vNames,
      param_val  => vValues );

And finally, add this one line of code to immediately after the call to the procedure you wish to debug :


Turn on DBMS_OUTPUT on the appropriate tab in TOAD, and test your procedure. When single stepping, or running, you do not get an ORA-06502 error in OWA_UTIL when you first hit a call to HTP or HTF routines and, when done, the HTML that your code generated is dumped out to the dbms_output tab.

This is not as helpful as running it under Apache, but far better than not being able to debug at all.

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Norm TeamT

I'm getting on in years now, having been in IT for around 30 plus years. I've been in support for most of them too as well as being a developer.

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