1. Go to View –> Toad Options
  2. Go to Editor –> Font and Styling in the left menu
  3. Make any changes to colors, fonts, and font sizes for various types of content

In early releases:

  1. Go to the Editor→Behaviour options.
  2. Look for the languages section, select PL/SQL and hit Edit.
  3. This opens another window. Go to the Highlighting tab.
  4. Ensure Default is selected in the Styles and choose Custom Font for Style Type.
  5. Hit the Custom Font button and change the font size.
  6. OK out of the options windows.

How to get the most out of Toad for Oracle

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Notable Replies

  1. says:

    I use Toad I need to do a simple thing which was so easy to do in prev versions. I want to see all Oracle reserved words and objects to be in upper case, in SQL and PL/SQL. I cannot set it using . Please, advise.
    Thanks, Michael

  2. says:

    ...using "Fonts and Styling"