For example, I would like to set the word wrapping options…

In Toad for Oracle 11.6, go to Options | Editor | Behavior to find Word Wrap.

Regarding earlier versions:

You can set a fixed or variable margin for wrapping text, and the gutter will show which lines are wrapped. The memo editor popup uses the "text" parser script instead of the "plsql" parser script that is used in so many other places in TOAD. (You only get the "text" parser script in TOAD when you load a .txt file into the procedure editor or offline editor.) To set the "text" parser to do line wrapping:

  1. Open the memo editor with text that isn't HTML or XML (because those use the html parser)
  2. Right-click and choose Options → Editing options
  3. Under General options, choose to word-wrap text
  4. Under Display options, choose to show word-wrapped lines with the |> glyph
  5. At the bottom of the screen, set the word wrap column. If you set it at "0", then the text will wrap at the window border. If you set it at another number, then the text will wrap at that position, and you can drag the word-wrap column back and forth to change the word-wrap position.
  6. Press OK.

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