Q: Can you run Toad on an Apple Macintosh?

A: Yes. The Toad QA team has been testing Toad on two virtual PC software applications for the Macintosh computer. We are happy to announce that we can officially certify Toad for Oracle on Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion for MAC with just a few caveats.

Toad for Oracle v. 9.7 was tested with:

  • Parallels Desktop version 3.0
  • VMWare Fusion version 2.0

While Toad works well on both of these platforms, the following issues were discovered:


On Parallels Desktop Only

  • Regular FTP Connection – does not connect from within Toad, but does connect from the command line. This is a Toad component issue, and will be remedied in coming releases of Toad.
  • Auto-detect paths for Oracle utilities (Options > executables) – does not detect paths. However, you can still browse for the correct location.

On Both Platforms

  • JDWP Debugger – does not debug on either platform. The error "Canvas does not allow drawing" is displayed. This appears to be an issue with how Java is integrated on the virtual platform.
  • RExec (from Network Utilities) – does not connect. This appears to be a platform specific issue, as RExec cannot be called from the command line either.
  • Unix Monitor – takes you through the FTP connection screen as usual, but the connection status never displays, and the graphs do not populate.


Q: Is there a way to run Toad off a USB Flash Disk?

A: Yes – see the Toad World blogs by Bert Scalzo: 


Q: How can I access product support?

A: Quest Support is available to customers who have a trial version of a Quest product or who have purchased a Quest product and have a valid maintenance contract. Quest Support provides unlimited 24×7 access to our Support Portal at www.quest.com/support. From our Support Portal, you can do the following:

  • Retrieve thousands of solutions from our Knowledge Base
  • Download the latest releases and service pack
  • Create, update and review Support cases

View the Global Support Guide for a detailed explanation of support programs, online services, contact information, policies and procedures.

The guide is available at www.quest.com/support.

Note: This document is only available in English.


Q: What if I want more-extensive training than the webcast?

A: Beginning with Toad v12.5, we've made free, web-based training available to Toad customers. The roadmap for the course catalog includes Toad fundamentals, DBA courses and development courses.


Q: Toad Configurations and Add-on Modules

A: Toad for Oracle is available in several editions that range from basic querying and reporting functionality, to development and editing, to optimization, and finally advanced administration capabilities.



About the Author

Steve Hilker

Steve Hilker was a Product Manager for Quest Software. Steve has over 35 years technical experience spanning application development, system administration, database management and various management positions at several software companies. Steve was the founder of RevealNet, best known for its desktop knowledge bases and unique database tools such as PL/Formatter. RevealNet was acquired by Quest Software in 2001. He's had the pleasure of being the product manager for many of Quest's database tools.

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