When you run a script in the MOE using F5, the output of the script is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each command creates a separate tab for its results, as well as being included in the main script output tab. These tabs are simply named 'Grid n' where n is an incrementing number starting at 1. If you run a script with 5 SELECT statements, you get 'Grid 1' though 'Grid 5'.

A question on the list from Roger Simoneau, asked how we could programatically rename the tabs from within the script. Both Erwin Rollauer and Ed Klinger (TeamT) supplied answers.

If you use the TTITLE directive before the SELECT statement, the tab will be named using the data from the TTITLE directive, as follows :

TTITLE today
SELECT sysdate FROM dual;

The tab for this statement will have the title 'today' exactly as entered.

If you need to use more than one word for the tab name, you must wrap the words in quotes, single ( ' ) or double ( " ) work equally as well.

TTITLE "today is roughly around ..."SELECT sysdate FROM dual;

Try it and see. I wonder if TTITLE actually stands for ‘Tab Title’? emotion-2-1.

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