An undocumented (well, up until the help file for Toad 10.6 anyway emotion-1) way to trace the amount of time various startup routines take is to edit your TOAD.INI file and add some or more of the following lines to the [SETTINGS] section:


What they all do? The following should help:

  • Debug – Enables debugging in Toad. This creates the standard ToadDebug.txt file in the [User Files] folder.
  • LogActivities – Creates a ToadActivities.log file in the [User Files] folder. This was originally added for internal debugging of certain threaded activities, such as Beta updates, Toad Tip downloads, and Toad Feedback. This creates a ToadActivities.log file in the [User Files] folder. Since these processes are being run in threaded environments, keeping a separate log file helps to reduce the number of synchronization calls inside the thread.
  • ScriptDebug – Creates debugging scripts in Toad (ToadScriptDebug.txt) and Toad Script Runner (TSRDebug.txt). This is used for debugging scripts within Toad and within TSR. This creates a ToadScriptDebug.txt file from within Toad, or a TSRDebug.txt file from within TSR.
  • VCPDebug – Creates a log of debugging version control calls (VCPDebug.log) in the [User Files] folder. This may return a very large amount of information and decrease Toad’s performance.
  • ToadFree – This is used internally to make the commercial version of Toad behave like the freeware version of Toad; however, this is not something that would be useful to anyone but the developer guys at Quest, so best avoid setting this option. emotion-2-1.

After starting Toad there will be a new item under the Help menu: "Show Toad Debug Output" which will open a window showing the amount of time spent in various startup routines.

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