Join Quest experts in Session 3 of the Ask Toad webcast series where we answer, “How do I reduce risk by automating database changes?”

Migrating database changes, eventually to production, inherently presents risks: the risk of having missed something, the risk of a mistake in a script – a lot can go wrong. But what if you could avoid those risks using Toad® for Oracle? This would save you time and help you safely deploy database changes.


With the powerful Compare feature in Toad for Oracle, you can automate the process of comparing the structure of your databases, schemas and objects within your Oracle environment, including the data itself. You can interactively see the differences or view a report of these differences. Depending on your use case, you may want to reconcile the differences and synchronize your environments. You can do this interactively, schedule it or even automate the comparison itself. Manually performing these tasks is resource-intensive and potentially risky.


See how Toad for Oracle can make you more productive and help you mitigate risk when migrating your database changes.


You will learn about:


  • The costs of not using Toad for Oracle to migrate/synchronize your schema and/or data changes
  • Use cases for comparing and synchronizing schemas and data
  • The Toad Schema Comparison feature in a demonstration
  • Automating processes from Toad Automation Designer and Toad DevOps Toolkit



Jeff Surretsky, SW Sales Engineer III


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Screen shot of comparing and syncing database changes from one environment to another.


“Quest has so many experienced Toad for Oracle users and, in my experiences, I find that this feature is underutilized. The process of comparing and syncing database changes from one environment to another is simplified and risk-free,” said Jeff Surretsky, software sales engineer III at Quest Software.


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