Join Quest experts in Session 2 of the Ask Toad webcast series where we answer, “How can you simplify and automate SQL optimization for developers in Toad® for Oracle?”

Are you struggling to tune your SQL statements and PL/SQL code? Are you reliant on your DBAs to assist you and can't get their time? According to Forrester Research, 60 percent of database performance issues can be attributed to poor SQL statement execution.

With the SQL Optimizer for Oracle® functionality in Toad® for Oracle, you can automate the SQL optimization process and maximize the performance of your SQL statements. SQL Optimizer for Oracle analyzes, rewrites and evaluates SQL statements located within database objects, files or collections of SQL statements from Oracle's System Global Area (SGA). Once SQL Optimizer identifies problematic SQL statements, it optimizes the SQL and provides replacement code that includes the optimized statement.


You will learn about:


  • Reasons for using SQL Optimizer
  • Toad’s SQL Optimizer in a demonstration
  • SQL optimization steps and results
  • Scanning existing code for performance problems
  • Capturing running SQL and identifying issues




Russell Tuttle, SW Sales Engineer III and Albert Rodriguez, SW Sales Engineer I


Biggest take away from this webcast


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“Once you get started with Toad SQL Optimizer, you’ll really appreciate its automation and time-saving capabilities,” said Russell Tuttle, software sales engineer III at Quest Software.


The screen shot below shows how to access Toad’s SQL Optimizer from Toad’s Editor.


Screen shot: How to access Toad SQL Optimizer


The screenshot below shows Your SQL after SQL Optimizer has been run on the SQL and the different alternatives, key stats and all the other high level features in the SQL Optimizer.

Screen shot : After SQL Optimizer has been run.


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