BetaNews, an online source of technology news and analysis, recently published an article about the newly enacted California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and how it could renew a focus on data privacy in the United States. The article featured Quest Vice President of Development Engineering, Patrick O’Keeffe. O’Keeffe, along with seven other industry leaders were asked their opinions on how they think CCPA could influence companies in 2020.

Toad for Oracle – Sensitive Data Protection can help you find and protect your data just in time for CCPA. BetaNews features Quest.

What did O’Keeffe say?

According to the BetaNews article, O'Keeffe, thinks further legislation could be on the way. "The development of new technologies has put organizations in a position where they are now more vulnerable to large scale data breaches. The smallest mistake can leave data vulnerable, and people are beginning to demand that companies take more responsibility to keep their data safe. I anticipate more conversation next year [2020] around how organizations are using customer data and what can be done to keep customer data private and secure. For example, while Facebook currently has privacy settings, nobody understands how Facebook actually uses their data. This will be one of the next things to be addressed by legislation."

What did the other 7 industry leaders say about CCPA and how it may influence 2020? Read the full BetaNews article here, “Compliance struggles and more legislation — privacy and data predictions for 2020.”

How can Quest help with data privacy and CCPA compliance?

Most developers and DBAs use Toad® for Oracle to reduce time and effort to develop and manage Oracle databases. But did you know Toad can find and control sensitive data across all your Oracle databases?

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