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This is a reader's choice award, and that means winners are determined by the number of votes received — by loyal customers like you. This year Quest® (including erwin) is competing in 7 out of 29 product / solution categories:

  • Best CDC Solution (Quest Shareplex)
  • Best Data Governance Solution (erwin Data Intelligence)
  • Best Data Modeling Solution (erwin Data Modeler)
  • Best Data Security Solution (Quest ApexSQL)
  • Best Database Development Solution (Quest Toad for Oracle)
  • Best Database Performance Solution (Quest Foglight)
  • Best DBA Solution (Quest Toad for Oracle)

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Why is winning DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards important?

This award is especially significant because the winning information management solutions are chosen by the people who use them. DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards has been held for several years running, with Quest Software historically taking first place. Keep reading to learn more about the products Quest is nominated to win.


Learn more about Quest products that are nominated for …

Best CDC Solution (Quest Shareplex)

In data warehousing, the data is extracted and transported from production database(s) into a data warehouse for reporting and analysis. Change Data Capture identifies and processes only the data that has changed and stores the changed data in a form so as to be of further use.
By leveraging change data capture in SharePlex, Oracle data can be moved to a reporting database or BI tools in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in real-time, ensuring that report consumers have up-to-date information. Read more about SharePlex® by Quest®.

Best Data Governance Solution (erwin Data Intelligence)

erwin Data Intelligence by Quest combines data catalog and data literacycapabilities for enterprise-wide visibility of available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best data practices are followed. erwin Data Intelligence fuels enterprise data governance, digital transformation and any effort that relies on data to drive results. Read more about erwin® Data Intelligence by Quest.

Best Data Modeling Solution (erwin Data Modeler)

Discover and document any data from anywhere for consistency, clarity and artifact reuse across large-scale data integration, master data management, metadata management, Big Data, business intelligence and analytics initiatives – all while supporting data governance and intelligence efforts. Read more about erwin® Data Modeler by Quest.

Best Data Security Solution (Quest ApexSQL)
Concerned about meeting your personal data regulatory compliance responsibilities across your SQL Server estate? ApexSQL auditing and masking capabilities help to keep your sensitive data safe by discovering and managing your SQL Server instances, performing health and security checks and ensuring you have a comprehensive audit trail. Read more about ApexSQL Security & Compliance Tools by Quest.

Best Database Development Solution (Quest Toad for Oracle) 
Database development tools from Quest tools work across a variety of database platforms, making it possible to develop and deploy high-quality, high-performing code nearly twice as fast as comparative toolsets. Extensive automation and collaboration functionality speed development cycles and minimize the risks of bugs and performance issues. Make sure your database developers have the data operations solutions they need to deliver applications that support business requirements. Read more about Toad® for Oracle Developer Edition by Quest.

Best Database Performance Solution (Quest Foglight)
Learn how you can proactively manage and monitor multiple database environments, diagnose and tune real-time and historical performance, predict and troubleshoot issues and increase the health of your database environment. Learn more about Foglight® for Cross-Platform Database by Quest.


Best DBA Solution (Quest Toad for Oracle)

Database administration tools from Quest reduce complexity and save time for database professionals tasked with managing multiple database types across on-premises and cloud environments. These industry-leading data operations solutions automate routine tasks, such as schema comparisons, script execution, report creation and distribution – allowing DBAs to focus on more meaningful and high value initiatives. Read more about Toad for Oracle DBA Edition by Quest.

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