Outline Management displays stored outlines deployed using SQL Rewrite mode in Optimize SQL.

To manage outlines

  1. Select the Manage Plans tab in the main window.

    Tip: Select the Show Manage Plans checkbox on the Manage Plans options page to display the Manage Plans tab in the main window.

  2. Click Manage Plans. The Create a New Manage Plans Session window displays.

  3. Select a connection to use.

  4. Select the Outlines Management tab.

  5. Select a category in the Category/Outline pane.

    You can delete or rename the selected category.

  6. Select a stored outline from the category node.

    You can move, rename, or reset the Used Flag on the selected stored outline.

About the Author

Steve Hilker

Steve Hilker was a Product Manager for Quest Software. Steve has over 35 years technical experience spanning application development, system administration, database management and various management positions at several software companies. Steve was the founder of RevealNet, best known for its desktop knowledge bases and unique database tools such as PL/Formatter. RevealNet was acquired by Quest Software in 2001. He's had the pleasure of being the product manager for many of Quest's database tools.

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