We are excited to announce "Ask Toad" – a  new web series in which Toad professionals will field your questions about database related topics, trends, and issues.



Each live 30-minute episode kicks off with a discussion led by Toad gurus, and follows up with an open forum Q&A.  The webcast is designed to give Toad users like you a chance to interact with people who have worked closely with Toad for years. And it’s one more way that Toad is a community driven solution for your database needs.

The first episode, hosted by yours truly, give tips on how you can maintain coding best practices in the fast-paced world of agile development and outsourcing.  I highlight the often-overlooked feature Code Analysis in Toad for Oracle.

This feature reviews your code to see if you are following best practices defined by industry standards as well as your personal team’s standards. It goes beyond just a simple syntax and compilation check. Code Analysis scans for known issues, grades the complexity of the code, and reports whether or not it follows rules set for and by your team. 

We suggest automating this process; perhaps incorporating it into your DevOps build cycle.  For example, if some new or changed PL-SQL code fails a code review, make sure the build stops before production.

In this first episode you can:

  • Learn about the costs of not using code reviews
  • See Toad Code Analysis in action (editor and dashboard)
  • Find out how you can customize code review rules
  • Explore automating code analysis with Toad Automation Designer and Toad DevOps Toolkit

Watch the first episode of Ask Toad here.

Additional resources I mentioned in this episode:

Why PL/SQL Code Quality Matters

Toad for Oracle: How to use Code Analysis

Toad for Oracle: How to work with Code Analysis Rules


Ask Toad: A webcast series for Toad for Oracle users


If you’re interested in automatically ensuring coding best practices to reduce risk and avoid the stressors associated with coding errors in production—enjoy a 30 minute break to learn something new. Pick one or pick them all, watch this webcast series now.


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About the Author

Mathew Phan

Mathew Phan began his career as a technical support engineer for Toad for Oracle soon after graduating from the University of California, Irvine, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in computer and information science. Mat has devoted his entire 14-year career with the Toad family of database solutions and held various positions helping to shape the direction and growth of Toad. Early in his tenure, his focus was on Oracle databases from a developer point of view. Now as a systems consultant, he continues to work with customers to build effective solutions that meet their needs.

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