Free data preparation training, you don't have to be a DBA or even an analyst to use Toad Data Point. Invest a little time learn about data preparation.

As more and more studies show, companies that are data-driven outperform their competition. It makes sense—decisions based on facts are going to be more sound than those based on gut-feelings or opinions. But data doesn’t just magically appear in your business intelligence platform, or extract itself to spreadsheets from the right tables. It has to be exported correctly—data preparation, a job that often falls to analysts, or even the DBA, so that data scientists can run reports and perform analyses.

Toad Data Point streamlines data preparation, access and provisioning so data analysts can meet their own reporting needs. It works across platforms and enables blending of multiple sources into a single data pool for analysis.  

Free database training for analysts using Toad Data Point.


Free data preparation training

Quest offers a free, self-paced, data preparation training class showcasing the key features of Toad Data Point. We recommend that you have a working knowledge of Oracle databases and SQL statements. This complimentary training course takes approximately two to three hours to complete, depending on how quickly you move through the simulations and quizzes. All courses are based on Toad for Oracle version 12.5 or later.


Overview of free data preparation training



Here’s a quick overview of the five no-cost lessons in the Toad Data Point Getting Started in data preparation course:

Lesson 1 focuses on connecting to the various sources that will supply your data, such as relational databases, files, business intelligence systems and NoSQL databases.

Lesson 2 expands your understanding of these data sources and shows you how to use the Object and Database Explorer. You’ll see how to view and diagram the relationships between objects.

In Lesson 3, you’ll learn how to use the Query Builder and SQL Editor to create your datasets. Toad Data Point allows you to transform and cleanse data before you perform your analysis.

In lessons 4 and 5, you’ll learn how to export, save, and publish the dataset and how to automate the process. In particular, we’ll show you how to use the Quick Export and Export Wizard to export data, and the Import Wizard to copy data into a relational data source. You’ll also learn how to publish data to Toad Intelligence Central. Finally, we’ll demonstrate the Job Manager and Automation Designer so you can automate and schedule the entire connect, query and export process.

Completing this complimentary course will give you and your data analysts a solid foundation for using Toad Data Point to streamline and automate your data provisioning and preparation tasks. 


How to get the most out of Toad Data Point

Learn how Toad Data Point can help you access and prepare data faster. Seamlessly access more than 50 data sources—both on premises and in the cloud—and switch between these data source with near zero transition times. Whether you are currently a Toad Data Point customer or just getting started with our free 30-day trial, learn more and access the Toad Data Point User Guide.

If you’re in a trial and Toad Data Point is helping you connect, query and prepare data for faster business insights, buy it now or contact a sales representative.


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