The Deploy Outline function in Optimize SQL improves SQL statement performance without changing your original source code. Using Optimize SQL, you can generate SQL statements that are semantically equivalent to your original SQL statement with alternative execution plans. Once you identify the best alternative for your database environment, you can deploy it as a stored outline to use with your original statement.

To deploy an outline

  1. Select the Optimize SQL tab in the main window.

  2. Click the arrow beside TB_CreateSession_OptimizeSQL and select New SQL Rewrite Session.

  3. Enter your original SQL statement in the Alternative Details pane and click TB_AutoOptimize. The Select Connection and Schema window displays.

  4. Select a connection and schema to use.

  5. Right-click the alternative you want to deploy as an outline in the Alternatives pane and select Deploy Outline. The Deploy Outline window displays.

  6. Review the following for additional information:

    Outline name Enter a name for the stored outline

    Click 4812.TB_DownArrow and select a previously created category or enter a new category name.


    • The default category name is SQL_OPTIMIZIER.
    • You can add the outline to a disabled category until you test the SQL statement with and without using the outline.


  7. Click 3173.TB_DeployButton.

Note: You can use the Outline Management feature in Manage Plans to enable and disable categories or to move outlines to different categories.

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