Throughout our lives we all experience watershed moments—those public and private moments and events that become turning points in our lives. In the public sphere, these are the historical moments that stand out in our timelines—after which we all feel the world we live in has changed in some important and surprising way. The COVID-19 pandemic is definitely one of these watershed moments that is changing so many aspects of our daily lives.

We are in the midst of living through the impact of COVID-19 and just barely at the cusp of dealing with its fallout. In the first and second quarter, while the entire world acted quickly to protect life and put business on hold, economies have suffered. As we enter the third quarter, we’re still uncertain what the future holds. Now more than ever, insight into data is more important as businesses try to operate and recover in a new world, where social distancing is the norm.

Picture of world grid and data graphs. Covid-19 free data analytics offer, extend your 30-day free trial to 90 days.

How has COVID-19 impacted industries?

Across the board, all industries have been affected. Here are a few that we think have been hit hardest by the aftermath of COVID-19.


Retail is now faced with abiding byfederal, state, and local government guidelines and ensuring their stores are set up so that customers can easily practice social distancing and remain healthy. Whether it’s calculating expected foot traffic based on square footage and past sales or projecting future sales figures, the supply chain, or even transitioning to online sales—staying close to data to be able to make the best decisions for customers and business is really important. 


Healthcare uses data to make critical decisions in a multitude of ways. Modeling patient flow patters; monitoring and predicting peak busy times for  scheduling workers; managing supply chains, and surveying patient satisfaction are just a few ways data is used in healthcare. Communicating data to the right people at the right time so decisions can be based on up-to-the-minute data is critical. During this pandemic, across the world, some hospitals were completely overwhelmed, while other medical facilities were struggling to remain open.


The hospitality industry took huge hits across the board. During shutdowns, restaurants needed to figure out what to do with produce, how to operate safely for take-out meals, and how to reopen at reduced capacity. A clear picture of food and staple inventory is crucial. A way to recalculate profit based on reduced capacity limitations and how to staff in this limited environment was necessary. International travel has become virtual and tourism is at a standstill. The cruise and airline industries are suffering. Even hotels and vacation rental homes were hit hard as reservations were canceled and business was brought to a near standstill. This industry is bound to be one of the industries most affected by the recent crisis, not only due to shutdowns, but this industry depends on consumers having extra time and money to spend. Being able to bring disparate data sources together to predict the best way to operate under these new conditions is a competitive differentiator in the months (years??) to come.

Hope shines through: people helping people

Still, throughout the turmoil of COVID-19, rays of hope shine through. Businesses pitched in and offered new ways to contribute to society. New business models emerged. Restaurants became local grocery stores—offering pre-packaged ingredients to make specific, themed meals. Healthcare facilities responded with telecare. Hotels offered to convert their establishments to temporary hospitals.

How can Quest Software® help?

At Quest®, included in our wheelhouse is information management and we specialize in database tools that move, monitor, and manage your information. Helping you affordably and easily query your data—from virtually any platform—and then prepare it in ways that make it easy to understand so you can be responsive to change and apply it to business is what Toad Data Point is all about.

Toad Data Point is a multi-platform database query tool built for anyone who needs to access data, understand data relationships, and quickly produce reports. With Toad Data Point you can: connect to almost any database or open database connectivity (ODBC) data source. Perhaps, the best aspect of Toad® Data Point is you don’t have to be a database administrator or developer to use it, nor do you have to rely on either role to pull a report.

Finding patterns and predicting change helps you define a clear-cut path that makes taking action pay off. That’s why for the first time ever, we’re enabling you to extend your 30-day data preparation free trial to 90 days.

Besides being a top-data preparation tool, Toad Data Point is easy to use and an affordable option. Priced way lower than our competitors, Toad Data Point offers the following key features:

  • Connect to over 50 data sources:Connect directly to nearly every data source—files, relational, non-relational, cloud or on-premises, NoSQL including Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Dynamo, and more.
  • Toad Workbook: Simplify your report-building process. Build reusable workflows and run them all using a single button. Output to several locations at once.
  • Blend data: Blend data from multiple sources in a single query, profile, and prepare data for consumption, export outputs to files or other databases.
  • Automate reporting: Eliminate manual, error-prone processes through easy to use automation routines for enhanced productivity and reporting accuracy. 

  • Speed up SQL development: Use Toad to build complex queries against multiple data sources with a graphical interface to speed up SQL development. Elevate your proficiency working interchangeably between the graphical query builder and the SQL editor.

  • Reduce reporting costs: Save time and money with a cost-efficient, flexible solution for data analysis that solves a wide variety of data preparation problems.

Can data help save our world? We hope so.

That’s why we’re giving you the key to extend your trial from 30 to 90 days.

Why is Quest extending the free data preparation trial to 90 days? We’re extending the trial to 90 days because we want to help. With so many businesses being impacted, with so much change, industries need to look at data and act quickly. Businesses need an easy, affordable way to see disparate data sources in one place and merge data to see the bigger picture, and ultimately discern a clear direction. Analysts have a data tool they can use without depending on DBA or developer. Toad Data Point Product Manager, Julie Hyman, explains it best.

“When the world began experiencing the impact of COVID-19, Quest Toad Data Point users kept contacting me with ways that Toad Data Point could help. While 30 days is enough time to learn how to use Toad Data Point, we thought—hey, let’s give businesses a break. Budgets are tight right now.  Maybe extending the 30-day free data prep trial to 90 days would allow businesses the opportunity to act now,” said Hyman.

Extending the free trial helps everyone, especially while budgets recover

Because of our strong belief that understanding your data, especially now, will strongly influence how quickly your business can bounce back, we’ve created a special license key that you can input right into the product that will extend your Toad Data Point free trial from 30 days to 90 days. This is available to anyone who wants to try Toad Data Point, even if you’re currently in a free trial now. In two easy steps, you can extend your data preparation free trial from 30 days to 90.

We’ve set up a web page that tells you the details and gives you two buttons. The first button, “Download Free Trial,” is to the free, 30-day trial page so you can download and install Toad Data Point. The second button, “Get Your Key,” takes you to our contact sales page. If you have not received a license key from Quest or your sales representative, fill in your information and a sales representative will email you the license key that will extend your 30-day trial to 90 days. Once you get your license key, open the Toad Data Point product and you’ll add your License key and Site message of “Trial Version” (case sensitive). There’s even a video on the web page that walks you through this process.

Share your license key with colleagues

Once you get the license key, you can share this key with your colleagues. We get it. There’s not just one person who’s working with data at your company, there’s many, and with Toad Data Point being geared toward everyday users, sharing it with colleagues makes sense. Download the 30-day free data preparation trial, get your license key (via email from a sales representative) and add the key and site message “Trial Version” to extend the free trial to 90 days. Then forward your email that contains the license key and web page with directions to colleagues so they can benefit from Toad Data Point too. Then they can download and install the 30-day trial, extend the trial, and share the trial. It’s that easy. No need to fill out another form and get another key.

Activate the license key before August 1

Something you should know: the license key expires November 1, 2020. That means that you need to act on this offer now. Don’t worry, as long as you activate the key by August 1, 2020, you have enough time to experience the full, 90-day free data preparation trial. If you activate the license key past August 1, your trial will expire on November 1, 2020.

How to extend your free data preparation trial from 30 days to 90 days

Step 1: Download and install the 30-day free trial

Step 2: In the product: Add your License key (received via email) and Site message: Trial Version (case sensitive)

Get My 90-Day Free Trial

Which edition am I getting with the free trial? Toad Data Point Pro Edition.

Toad Data Point comes in three editions: Base, Pro, and Pro+.

Toad Data Point Base Edition has the following functionality features:

  • SQL Editor
  • Query builder
  • Database explorer
  • Desktop task automation
  • Single connection database diagram
  • Reports, charts and pivot tables
  • Move data between data sources
  • Data compare and sync (including across platforms)
  • Relational Data Sources

Toad Data Point Pro Edition has the following functionality features:

  • All the Toad Data Point Base edition features
  • Cross-connection database diagram
  • Data cleansing and transformation
  • Dimensional view reports
  • Data profiling
  • Heterogeneous XQuery
  • Business Intelligence Sources
  • NoSQL data sources
  • Publish data to Toad Intelligence Central server

Toad Data Point Pro+ Edition has the following functionality features:

  • All the Toad Data Point Base Edition features
  • All the Toad Data Point Pro Edition features
  • Advanced analytics based on a library of 170 advanced functions

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