Ask Toad® continues its 2020 webcast series with another session designed to help you maximize your investment in Toad for Oracle. This time, we’ll be looking at 5 cool features in the Toad for Oracle Base Edition that make things easier for today’s overworked DBAs.



Watch on demand: Five of the most useful DBA features on Toad for Oracle

Listen on demand to Russell Tuttle, an expert in what it takes to get the most out of Toad. He’ll present some of the many ways to get organized, productive and collaborative and provide insight into five of the most useful DBA features in Toad for Oracle Base Edition – these will definitely make your job easier. He’ll cover how to:

  • Automate many Toad and non-Toad functions
  • Manage all your scripts from a central location
  • Browse, view and edit data across tables regardless of the referential integrity (RI)
  • Manage and view all your sessions in a single view
  • Generate database documentation easily for all the database objects in multiple databases


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Recap of the webinar

In the June installment of Ask Toad, Senior Sales Consultant Russell Tuttle highlighted five – no, six – six helpful features for database administrators in version 13.3 of Toad for Oracle Base edition. Toad for Oracle is designed to streamline a DBA’s busy day, and these features are just an example of what’s baked into Toad.

Color-coded connections – DBAs who work with multiple database connections know how confusing it can be to remember which is which, especially when you’re switching quickly among instances. In Toad, you can assign different colors to each connection to help you keep them straight. The color carries across the workspace tabs and color bands at the bottom of the screen. If you have many tabs, you can choose to show only the current connections to reduce clutter.

Saved workspaces – If you work with multiple databases – sometimes people work with 5, 10, 20 or more – it can very laborious to reopen all those connections every morning. Instead, you can choose to save a workspace to preserve all your connections so you can come back to where you left off. You can save multiple workspaces, so you’ll be able to quickly pick up multiple projects.

Shared and managed scripts – If you have a large script library, Toad provides a centralized Script Manager where you can select and run multiple scripts from one location. You’ll find the Script Manager in the Utilities menu. Within the Script Manager, you can run one or more scripts at the same time across one instance, or run multiple scripts against many instances. You can schedule scripts or run them manually. You can also edit and combine scripts, save them in folders and share them with other DBAs.

Process automation – Use the automation designer (the lightening bolt icon) to create step-by-step workflows of database operations. Construct an automation using Toad functions, such as import/export data set, copy table data, generate schema scripts and compare tables. There are numerous possibilities for simple to complex automation scripts that allow you to quickly execute routine functions so you can do other things.

Output reports – Toad can generate HTML schema docs and HTML database reports that can also be automated at regular intervals or run manually. DBAs can select the content (objects) that goes into reports, such as functions, procedures, packages, views and tables. You can control the format for a report by specifying headers, footers and colors. Toad will create HTML document that can be stored and distributed on a shared drive.

Script Runner – DBAs often have multiple copies of Toad running at the same time because a long-running SQL has locked the main window. But instead of opening another instance of Toad, go to the Editor menu and choose Execute SQL via TSR – Toad Script Runner. The Script Runner is a separate window that will execute the process in the background so you can continue using the main areas of Toad. You can have multiple script runner windows open at the same time, and check the status of any process that’s running.

These features are available in the Toad for Oracle Base edition and can go a long way toward making your busy day a little more organized, not to mention color-coded!


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