Learn how to check objects from VCS using Team Coding and work on them in Toad.

This is part of a series of videos, the complete series is located here: https://blog.toadworld.com/video-series-enabling-agile-database-development-using-toad-for-oracle

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John Pocknell

John Pocknell is a senior market strategist at Quest Software and part of the Information Management business unit. Based at the European headquarters in the U.K., John is responsible for synthesising analyst data and customer interviews in order to create and evangelise solutions-based stories and messaging which relate to major IT initiatives for our extensive portfolio of database products, worldwide. He has been with Quest Software since 2000, working in the database design, development and deployment product areas and spent over 10 years as product manager for the Toad product line. John has been successfully evangelising Toad and other database solutions at various conferences and user groups around the world for the last 19 years as well as writing blogs and technical papers both internally and for the media. John has worked in IT for more than 30 years, most of that time in Oracle application design and development. He is a qualified aeronautical engineer with more than 10 years of experience in provisioning IT consultancy services and implementing quality assurance systems to ISO 9001.

Notable Replies

  1. says:

    Hi, Thanks for the insightful post.
    We are setting up git repository and intend to leverage Team coding for Oracle DB objects development work while having a version control in place.

    As I understand, we need to first create a project under Team coding and then select all objects that we want to be enabled for version control or in other words all the objects being used in our client project.

    There are hundreds of objects used in our project, so we need to select all of them for 2 reasons:
    a. this will export DB objects as files in the local git repository path setting up the local repository. These files needs to be pushed to remote git repository so that initial repository set up is completed.
    b. Going forward, for any development activities on DB objects since all the objects are enabled as team coding objects (TCX tables) all the developers can work directly under same project created initially from the Team Coding Manager without accessing the actual objects in DB.

    a. To work with Team coding and for the initial git repository setup, is this the right way of doing it. i.e. Option 1: selecting all relevant objects when setting up Team coding projects so that file gets exported in local repository. If not, what could be the alternative way? Option 2: maybe, to export files outside of team coding manager to setup git repository and then create team coding project for each development cycle wherein we just mark only those objects that indeed needs to be modified?
    b. Will Option 1 cause any performance issue using Team Coding?
    c. When should we create projects in Team Coding? for option 1, I will have just one project, can all developers work on the same project? for option 2, is there any drawback of having n number of projects. what is the right way to use Team coding?

    Any insight will be much appreciated. Thanks!