Learn how to create a SQL database from any input and automate builds from source control.

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Want to create a SQL database from any input and automate builds from source control?

ApexSQL Build is a time-saving tool used for building and deploying databases from several data source types in a single operation. It allows full automation and customization of this process through its wide CLI support.

The DBA community will especially appreciate an easy and intuitive wizard by which database structure can be obtained from source controls like Git, TFS or Mercurial, and deployed directly to SQL server just in a few clicks.

After selection of source type and deployment options, ApexSQL Build allows its user to build executable file and use it as a tool for remote and delayed database deployment.


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ApexSQL Build is easy-to-use tool that recognizes the most used source types, including source controls, for database deployment and as such, it is invaluable and needed in the CI/CD process. It is an efficient, time-saving device for most, every-day-database deployment needs.

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