Well maybe not the best tip ever, but certainly one of the most popular in Toad Tips and Tricks sessions. The Toad Script Runner (TSR), not terminate and stay resident for you old time IT folks J is a great feature in Toad that allows you to execute long running SQL statements and scripts and still be able to use all the Toad functions and features without having to open multiple copies of Toad. Many of you Toad users have been in this situation. You have a long running SQL Statement and are locked out using Toad until that SQL completes. To get around this perceived limitation you open multiple copies of Toad. This is not a good practice and does not have to be the way you work. This is where Toad Script Runner (TSR) saves the day!

Toad’s Script runner is found on the Editor Menu in Toad. What is the TSR you ask?

Toad Script Runner (TSR) looks and operates the same way as the Toad Editor, but it only includes a subset of the Editor's features. Toad Script Runner is a small script execution utility that can run in the background or from the command line. Toad Script Runner can be helpful when you need to run long scripts and want to perform other tasks in Toad. In addition, several instances of Toad Script Runner can run at one time because of its small size. Essentially it opens a “Mini-Toad”.

Load your SQL Statement into the Toad Editor and from the Editor Menu select “Execute SQL via TSR” and the Mini-Toad TSR Window pops up and starts executing your SQL. When done you can view the results on the Grid1 Tab. You can edit the SQL, change connections as well as perform a Commit or Rollback if needed and many other functions.

So now you will never need to have multiple copies of Toad open and can be more productive and impact the Database less.

FYI A group of Toads or multiple Toads is called a Knot.

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