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Toad Edge for PostgreSQL Technical Preview

Mar 14, 2018 12:29:00 PM by Richard Schiller

The Toad team is excited to announce that we have a new preview edition of Toad Edge -- Toad EdgeTM for PostgreSQL. 

Frequently, in conversations with customers, we find they are planning to, or adopting open source databases. That is not surprising, given the significant financial benefits realized by organizations worldwide. In the course of these discussions, it is common to hear database developers and DBAs expressing concern about adopting and personally adapting to these new platforms. The Toad team has been listening, and now, with coverage for MySQL and PostgreSQL, we can help database professionals transition to the top two open source platforms (according to DB Engine Rankings), while reducing the learning curve, thus increasing their confidence..

The Toad Edge for PostgreSQL preview edition is a stand-alone version of Toad EdgeTM, supporting PostgreSQL only. Once installed, it is available to use free for 90 days. We are offering the free preview so you can influence product direction by providing feedback and feature recommendations. The simple, snappy interface contains a rich foundational set of features, including:

  • Support for cloud or on-premises deployed PostgreSQL, including PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.6, 10, EnterpriseDB Postgres Advanced Server (9.6, 10), Amazon Aurora 9.5, and Azure PostgreSQL 10.1.
  • Object Explorer:  A graphical interface for interacting with your database objects
  • Object Search:  Search for any object in your database with simple text, wildcards, multiple values and regular expressions
  • SQL Worksheet:  A SQL writing interface with helpful features like Content Assist to suggest keywords and templates, Outline Views to browse object details in context, SQL recall, and many others.
  • Schema Compare:  Compare objects from different databases/schemas and generate HTML reports or change scripts.
  • SQL Monitor: Displays all internal/user executed SQL queries, along with execution times and error descriptions.
  • Snapshots:  Store database structures as readable JSON files for creating script source, for use as a source/target for Schema Compare.
  • For users of Advanced Server by EDB, we also have coverage for Procedures, Packages and Synonyms.

The full commercial version, planned for mid-year, will be unified with Toad Edge for MySQL, providing a single executable with capabilities to connect to both MySQL and PostgreSQL. The commercial release will include a number of new features:

  • Partitioning Support
  • Continuous Integration scripting
  • Explain plans for interpreting and tuning SQL
  • Enhancements based on preview edition your feedback

Download the release on Windows or MacOS, and reach out to with any questions or feedback.

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Richard Schiller

Written by Richard Schiller