Ever go to log into your test environment to get the “Password expires in 7 days”? Or, you have been on vacation/busy with something else and your test environment password expires?

Just one of those little “gotcha’s” that take the wind out of your project.  You have to stop, re-enter your password, etc.  If you don’t want this to happen again, you need to fix it right now.  This takes even more time because NOW you have to look up the syntax.  If you leave it for another time, you know you won’t get to it…

Here is the syntax.  You need to be SYS or SYSTEM to do this.  SQL*Plus, make sure to login as: sqlplus system as SYSDBA…  You alter the login profile that all users use, called DEFAULT.

alter profile default limit failed_Login_attempts unlimited password_life_time unlimited;

I fix both the failed login attempts, as I sometimes struggle to remember the password I used and the password_life_time will not cause the password to expire again.

Watch for another blog that shows all of the default profile’s settings.

I hope you find these tips useful in your day to day use of the Oracle RDBMS.


Dan Hotka

Author/Instructor/Oracle Expert




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