In this blog post, I would like to show you how to install Toad for DB2 version 6.3 and IBM Data Server Driver. Using IBM Data Server Driver is a new option in Toad for DB2 version 6.3. Previously it was necessary to use IBM Data Server Client, but now it is possible to use this lightweight client. In this post, I will use the commercial version of Toad for DB2, but steps are valid both for commercial and trial version.

The first step is to download the installation files.

All commercial versions of Toad for DB2 6.3 can be downloaded here:

I will use the web installer.

The trial version can be downloaded here:

IBM Db2 Data Server Driver can be downloaded here:

We are ready to start now.

Right click on the Data Server Driver package and click “Run as administrator”.

On the welcome page click Next.

Read and accept the license and click Next.

Keep default installation path if it suits you or change it as you need. Click next.

Change the driver copy name and Application Data Path if needed. Click Next.

Review the settings and click Install to start the installation.

Wait until the installation finished. Then click Finish to close the window.

To validate the installation go to the bin directory to the path where the driver was installed and run the command:

db2cli validate


You should see: “Note: The validation utility could not find the configuration file db2dsdriver.cfg.” You can skip this note.

If there is no other error, the driver was installed successfully. Close the Command Prompt.

Now we will install the Toad for DB2.

Right-click on the exe file and select “Run as administrator”.

Read and accept the license and click Next.

Paste your License key and Site Message to the appropriate inputs and click Next.

Depend on your key you can select various products from the Toad for DB2 Suite. Select what you want, check the installation path (root folder) at the bottom of the screen and click Install.

Wait until the installation is finished.

You can watch the progress.

This may take some time because Toad compiles some modules directly on your computer to provide optimal performance.

At the end click Finish to close the window.

Double-click on Toad for DB2 Icon and start Toad.

You will be informed about auto-selection of the client interface. Click OK.

In the next step, you can customize the Layout and Settings configuration or use the Default option and click on the Finish button.


Click on File | New | Connection to open a Connection dialogue.

Then enter necessary credentials.

If there is no error, click on View | Object explorer to see objects in the database.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed Toad for DB2 v6.3 using DS Driver.



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  1. says:

    This procedure helps with Toad 7.0 but not with Query Optimizer for DB2 . Query optimizer asks for "For using Quest QSOfIDB2LUW, the Db2 client must be installed".

    Do we need second kind of clitne for this? I see one in ODBC configuration.