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Jun 28, 2017 7:59:13 AM by Norm TeamT

There has been a flurry of questions recently, on the Toad For Oracle Forum, about Toad's Trace File Browser (aka TFB) utility. This is something that I find extremely useful in my daily DBA duties, and the bigger the trace file, the more useful I find it.

I have created, mainly for my colleagues' use here at work, a document and a couple of example trace files, which I'm making available for all my Toad "colleagues" wherever you are.

The files attached (somewhere) to this post are held in a single zip file, and are:

  • ToadTraceFileBrowser.pdf the main document which explains just about everything about the TFB. It explains the various tabs, top and bottom of the display, and includes a couple of worked examples.
  • ToadTraceFileBrowser.docx is a Microsoft Office version of the above.
  • DropTable.trc is the example trace file which makes up the first of the worked examples. It allows the viewing of exactly what Oracle does when you ask it to drop a table which has triggers, views and such like, dependencies.
  • FreeSpace.trc is the second example trace file that is worked through in the document. It shows a serious performance problem when running a script against DBA_FREE_SPACE on an database running on Windows.

Hopefully, you will find the attached useful.


Norm. [TeamT]

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