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Intellisense in worksheets | Toad Edge knows how to assist

May 12, 2017 4:36:19 PM by Robert Pound

When creating the video Using worksheets in Toad Edge , I touched briefly on the intellisene feature and how it gives you feedback when writing your queries. I wanted to double back on this topic to give a more detailed example of how this feature can make your life easier.
To complete the query below I had to type: SELECT, FROM, 4 spaces, 2 commas and press enter several times. These items are highlighted with the orange boxes. *Note I had to exaggerate spacing in order to make the numbers readable.
I started with SELECT then ignored the feedback that I was already getting, entered a newline and typed FROM on the second line. From there I selected staff which was already table aliased as s.
Next I entered a space and chose INNER JOINfrom intellisense
I then entered a space again and chose address which was also table aliased as a.
I entered another space and choose ON.
Next came another space and the selection of a.address_id = s.address_id
Next I moved my cursor back to the SELECT section of the query and choose a.address.
From here I had to enter a comma and then select s.first_name.
Finally I had to enter one last comma and then select s.last_name
So if you do not like taking direction from a development tool or you are a big fan of typing then you may want to disable the Content Assistant under Worksheet preferences. But if you are like me you probably appreciate the assistance!

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Robert Pound

Written by Robert Pound

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