Want to apply Toad's robust development features to your MySQL environments? Well now you can!

We have released a our new Toad Edge product initially focused on the MySQL platform, Toad Edge is a next generation Toad platform, upon which future Toad products will be built. It’s Java-based for extensibility, and as it evolves, you’ll be able to plug-in additional tools to the framework as you need them – like PostgreSQL support, which we expect out late this year.

And because Toad Edge is built on java it can be run on both Windows and Mac OS X environments.

Once you have tried Toad Edge, we would love to hear your feedback and comments!  We invite you to post to the Toad Edge forums or Idea Pond here on Toad World, or you can email me directly at julie.hyman@quest.com. 

Want to learn more about Toad Edge even before you download and install? Check out our videos here on the Toad World blog.  Join our community or check back often to learn more!

About the Author

Julie Hyman

Julie Hyman is a Sr. Product Manager for Quest Software. Julie has 20+ years of experience in Development, Project Management and Product Management.

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