Create Backup On Demand On the Cloud

    Mar 19, 2017 10:58:00 AM by Osama Mustafa

    In This Post i will show how to create backup for Dbaas

    • Open the Oracle Database Cloud Service console.
    • Click the database deployment for which you want to create a backup.
    • Click the Administration tile.
    • Click Backup Now and then confirm the action.

    Or you can use the command line by connect to your compute node as root use and run the following command :- 
    • To create a backup that follows the current retention policy
    # /var/opt/oracle/bkup_api/bkup_api bkup_start
    • To create a long-term backup
    # /var/opt/oracle/bkup_api/bkup_api bkup_start --keep
    • Check Status 
    # /var/opt/oracle/bkup_api/bkup_api bkup_status

    Rentation in the cloud like the following :-

    • Both Cloud Storage and Local Storage: 30 days, with the 7 most recent days' backups available on local storage
    • Cloud Storage Only: 30 days
    • Local Storage Only: 7 days
    Enjoy the cloud

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    Osama Mustafa

    Written by Osama Mustafa