It is very common for people to move databases now a days to the cloud. The very first question I often hear from them is – How to Improve Application Performance on Cloud While Reducing Bandwidth Cost?

However, once the data is moved to any cloud there are two major challenges I see.

  • Challenge 1: Network Latency / Congestion and Slow Performance
  • Challenge 2: Network Bandwidth Congestion and High Cost

Every time when I go to performance tuning consultation for cloud hosted database, I hear about slow performance and high cost. The matter of the fact, it is so common that when I know the database is hosted on a cloud, I tell my customer that I already know their problem a) Slow Performance due to network latency and b) High cost due to high consumption of the data bandwidth.

If you have a very small database, you may not face issues with the high cost of bandwidth, but if you are running enterprise grade application where you move quite a lot of data from one server to another server, I am very confident that you are facing above two issues.

For example, Microsoft charges egress or data transfer out cost per 250MB around USD 21.32 and Amazon charges around USD 23.27. Now look at your database and find the size of the largest table, next think if you want your table to be exported to our in-premises system due to any reason, how much will it cost if you try to transfer out that much data. Trust me, in no time, you can almost cross the limit of your credit card. It is indeed a big big challenge and a REAL ONE!


Smart Solution

Though the challenge is quite big the solution is very simple. Actually the solution requires just a couple of clicks of the button and four minutes of your time.

I have installed NitroAccelerator in my cloud machine and local machine. Once I installed NitroAccelerator, I did two different tests of transferring around 25,000 rows of the data. When I saw the results, I was indeed very much surprised and happy.

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