Toad Data Point v3.8 is now available.  Like our last v3.7 release we made a lot of nice improvements – many of which were customer ideas! We really appreciate user contributions. 

For a full list of the major new features, please see our "What's New in Toad Data Point v3.8" PDF   (Please visit the site to view this file).

Below are some quick bullets on the latest features:


For TDP Base Customers:

  • Organize your data prep and query projects better with the new Library module which automatically creates a searchable index of all your work items.


For TDP Professional and Professional with Advanced Analytics Customers:

  • Connect natively to SAP Hana
  • Start projects faster with more streamlined workflow from the main ribbon bar
  • Work better as a team with more integration with Toad Intelligence Central:
    • Get connected easier with automatic Toad Intelligence Central discovery
    • Keep everyone informed with both in-app and email notifications
    • Distribute work faster with Toad Intelligence Central groups


  • Do more to improve and clean your data with more options in Transform and Cleanse window
  • Connectivity support for Hive Server 2 including support for Kerberos authentication
  • Connect to, explore and write queries against your MongoDB instances easier
  • Query SFDC better with deeper SOQL support
  • Speed up the time to results with better query performance 

If you have any questions about Toad Data Point v3.8, please visit our forum or email your questions to


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