Oracle 18c: New Features

    Oct 30, 2017 3:50:13 PM by Skant Gupta

    This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN.

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    Well.. Oracle 18c.. one release more.. ? Uhmm perhaps not.. Oracle 18c has a that kind of air of.. “Starting now.. it's when Oracle Cloud Database will mark a real strong beginning..”

    I have been playing with Oracle Databases in Cloud from some years ago when all this was barely starting.. when it was more the concept of "Cloud Computing" as a whole.. I'm talking about when the Cloud Computing model was originally designed to be implanted “On-prem”, basically with an arrange of  some servers.. software.. resources ( CPU.. Memory.. etc ) and all that could be managed by Enterprise Manager to built your own Cloud infrastructure but “On-prem”.. the service of Public Cloud was not still available in that time.. In that time we started to know concepts of “Pay-as-you-go..”.. “Chargeback..” and things like that.. the real concept of that first commercial proposal was really a model of "Cloud Computing"

    In that time the concept of Oracle Database Cloud was extreme far from what it’s nowadays.. of course.. the product.. the concept was getting mature.. getting shape..

    A couple of years later the first Public Cloud services appeared in the market.. Uhmm.. this was really a more close image to what we were having in mind about Oracle Database Cloud.. of course.. it was product that was changing al time.. and getting mature.. at the beginning you could not choose the database character set.. the wizard interface had more steps.. and so on.. it was like a child opening his/her eyes to the world.. and we could enjoyed how all that was growing..

    Little by little more Oracle Database Cloud Services were starting to be available as per we have now:

    • Oracle Database Cloud Service
    • Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Database Service
    • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
    • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine
    • Oracle Database Express Cloud Service

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    Skant Gupta

    Written by Skant Gupta

    Skant Gupta is an Oracle Certified Cloud Professional in Oracle Database 12c, an Oracle Certified Expert in Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) in Oracle Database 11g and 12c, and an Oracle Exadata Certified and an Oracle Certified Professional in Oracle Database 10g, 11g, and 12c. He works at Vodafone Technology in the UK and formerly worked as a senior DBA at Etisalat in Dubai. He has six years of experience with various Oracle technologies, focusing mainly on Cloud, database, and high availability solutions, Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle Exadata and Oracle GoldenGate. He has presented at several Oracle user groups worldwide, most recently in the US, the United Arab Emirates, and the India. He is also Technical Writer on and with more than 30 article published in Oracle Technical Network.