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Toad Data Modeler – A stable choice in today’s chaotic data modeling universe.

Mar 22, 2016 7:36:24 PM by Michael Micalizzi

Recently there has been a lot of uncertainty and changes happening in the Data Modeling universe.  A few years ago Computer Associates announced it was going to sell its ERwin data modeling solution to Embarcadero Technologies.  However Embarcadero already had its own data modeling tool known as ER/Studio.  But then Embarcadero was itself acquired last year by IDERA and the CA sale of ERwin fell through.  Then last month CA announced that it had completed the sale of the ERwin data modeling business to a private equity firm, Parallax Capital Partners to be run as a separate stand-alone entity.  Confused?  See I told you there was a lot of chaos out there.

With all of this uncertainty occurring in the data modeling tools business, you may be wondering what the future of your favorite data modeling tool is. If you are using ERwin or ER/Studio, you may be wondering what kind of support to expect from this new company. How committed are they to ongoing development and new enhancements? Will they stay current with my database platform providers or will I be limited in the platforms I can work with.  If you find yourself and your organization in this predicament you may looking for an ERwin alternative to calm your fears and provide a much needed sense of stability. But where do you turn?


Why you should take a look at Toad Data Modeler

If you are using Standard (non-Workgroup) editions of ERwin or ER/Studio, you will be delighted to know that you can find most of the features you need in a much lower cost alternative - and from a trusted brand in the data management space. Dell's Toad Data Modeler offers many of the features of the more expensive data modeling tools at a fraction of their price. Over 10,000 customers have already found out how they can save money while still producing high-quality data models by switching over to Toad Data Modeler.

Here are some of the things you can do with Toad Data Modeler:

  • Name Your Platform - Toad Data Modeler has support for most popular database platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Postgres, Greenplum and Teradata with support for new versions being added regularly. Universal Model also allows you to reverse engineer any database that uses an ODBC connection.
  • Keep It Simple - Toad Data Modeler offers a powerful but user-friendly interface but spares you the complexities of an enterprise level data modeling tool.
  • Reverse Engineer - Toad Data Modeler has the ability to reverse engineer existing databases across many platforms into physical data models.
  • Database Migration - Toad Data Modeler has the ability to convert a physical model from one database platform to another (i.e. Oracle to SQL Server) to assist in database migrations between platforms.
  • Stay In Sync - Toad Data Modeler has the ability to perform comparisons between models and databases or other models and generate ALTER scripts. Keep models up-to-date even after changes have been made on the database.
  • Standardize - Toad Data Modeler has the ability to define naming standards in models so that table and column names conform to your enterprise standard. You can also use domains to define frequently used datatypes for easy reuse.
  • Sharing - Toad Data Modeler has the ability to generate reports in PDF format or an interactive HTML format. Share your models with anyone using the PDF or interactive HTML reporting features.
  • Modeling For The Masses - Toad Data Modeler's budget-friendly price point allows you to deploy it anywhere there is a need for data modeling. With more and more data needing to be managed each day by more people, this will certainly come in handy!

All of this capability plus world class support from the #1 independent database tools provider, Dell Software.  Toad Data Modeler is part of our Toad family with seamless integration with our other products.  

To see if Toad Data Modeler may be right for you – we invite you can download a trial copy at 

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